Monday, March 26, 2012

the Symbol

The Symbol of Chris Han's Natural Crafts. March 22, 2012
     I'm sure we all have done it. Searching for "the Symbol" that represents your unique personality. I too have been searching for my own unique symbol for a longtime. And one day, I've combined my initials and Korean traditional 'Su' symbol, 수자문to create my very own.

'Su' symbol engraved on the lock of a gift box
The 'Su' symbol is derived from a Chinese character 'shòu'  meaning longevity. Traditionally 'Su' symbol has been used during the time of Korean wedding and other ceremonies. Wishing for a long healthy lives of newlyweds and elders, the symbols were engraved on gift boxes, tablewares and furniture.

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- Christopher S. Han 

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